What can I do with Depression?

Updated: 2 days ago

Depression is a normal emotion that human has since the beginning of time. It serves a protective purpose to us like all of our other emotions. Sometimes, we don't feel like ourselves. Sometimes, we have a bad day that makes us feel low or down, that's depression. Everyone can have a depressed feeling. However, Clinical Depression is a different story. When a person is clinically depressed, it's not easy for people to "just pull themselves out of it" or "just snap out of it". With more understanding and demystifying of clinical depression, we can all be better able to manage depression, learn from it, and make it useful for our lives instead of letting depression drag us down and keep us in a dark place.

Clinical depression is one of the most common mental illnesses. Depression can cause severe consequences; as bad as death if left untreated. Did you know that one in 8 Canadian adults reported that they suffer from depression? Also, studies show that women are more at risk of depression than men (3). This blog aims to demystify depression, raise your awareness of depression and equip you with management skills for depression.

What is depression?