Una Mulhall

B.C. Registered Clinical Counsellor #11793

Una is a B.C. registered clinical counsellor with BCACC. She has over the fifteen years experience providing mental health support to adults in a variety of community and clinical settings. This includes working with individuals challenged by anxiety, depression, stress, negative self-image, life stressors, interpersonal/relationship difficulties, work/life imbalance, life transitions, and personal development. She has training and experience in numerous approaches including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, client-centred therapy, relational attachment, and mindfulness-based approaches.


By providing a warm, calm, and safe atmosphere, Una allows her clients to feel heard and accepted. She believes each person is worthy of respect, regardless of background, cultural identification, and experience. Una supports her clients to increase awareness of themselves and their challenges as well as identify existing strengths, learn new ways of coping, and make healthy choices. Una encourages clients to establish goals and, by fostering hope and opportunity, empowers them to make positive life change.


She offers a variety of clinical counselling services to help you move past the obstacles in your life. She will help you identify your personal values, strengths, and abilities in support of your personal and professional goals. Book a free 20 minutes consultation with our intake consultant to see learn how Una can help you develop different perspectives and achieve the outcomes you’re striving for.



B.C. Registered Clinical Counsellor #17922

Lorraine Ng is a Registered Clinical Counsellor in BC. She has experience working with immigrant families, international students, caregivers and parents.


She works with clients experiencing depression, anxiety, stress management, relationship difficulties and parenting issues and other life changes. Her practice is grounded in Adlerian Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness-based work, trauma-informed practice and multicultural framework.


Lorraine is warm, compassionate and insightful in her work. She strives to provide a safe environment for clients to deepen their understanding of themselves and rediscover their inner strengths. She also helps clients to develop practical healthy coping skills and tools to face their current struggles. She hopes that clients will become empowered and encouraged to create meaningful changes in their lives.


She speaks Cantonese, Mandarin and English.

In addition to counselling, she also holds various psychoeducational workshops to promote mental wellness to the community and international students.



B.C. Registered Clinical Counsellor #11549

Bessie Wang is a BC Registered Clinical Counsellor. Having worked in this field for over 15 years, she has developed and learned from her experiences in community, in-patient and out-patient settings. She has also encountered people from all walks of life and with a variety of mental health experiences, both positive and negative. She is passionate about helping couples and families to resolve their marital conflicts and over come hurtful feelings. 


Bessie's nature is kind, caring, compassionate but also adventurous and resourceful; all of which quickly create trust to strengthen her working relationships with her clients. 

Having found her own identity which is a blend of traditional Chinese and mainstream western philosophy, Bessie has firsthand experience of how cultural differences can be understood by being non-judgmental and having an open-minded attitude.

Bessie can help you build confidence in managing your emotional wellness, develop skills to over come relationship difficulties and ultimately find happiness within yourself and with others. Book a free consultation with our intake counsellor to learn more about how Bessie can help. 



Registered Clinical Counsellor

Marco Ma is a registered clinical counsellor under BCACC. He is experienced in working with clients in various age range, ethnic/cultural identities, and religions. He specializes in working with clients who struggle with depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, and relational issues. He received training and supervisions on cognitive-behavioral therapy(CBT), narrative therapy, Gottman Method, and various mindfulness-based approach in an integrative manner.


Marco is often known as a calm, composed, compassionate, and a client-centered therapist, who is able to hold the space for clients to process their emotions and walk through the journey. Despite the essentiality of techniques in therapy, Marco believes that Rogerian core conditions are paramount when it comes to engendering therapeutic change, namely congruence (genuineness), unconditional positive regard and accurate empathic understanding. Marco strives to ensure his clients will feel listened, accepted, respected, and cared for during therapy sessions.


Further, Marco also embraces the non-judgmental and non-oppressive approach when handling cross-cultural counselling situations. As an ethnic minority in Canada, Marco can readily empathize with clients who suffer from systemic racism and discrimination in work-place and day-to-day life. Marco believes that it is imperative for a mental health professional to advocate for social justice and gender equity in our community. More importantly, Marco can speak fluent Mandarin, Cantonese, and English. It is hoped that language is not a barrier in therapy for clients, and Chinese-speaking clients can express themselves freely and feel more connected with the therapist.

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