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Free consultation
Free Consultation

During a free consultation call, you can speak with a counsellor and find out what services they provide. You could also ask questions such as:

  • Can you help me with my situation?

  • How do I know which counsellor is the best fit?

  • Can I use my insurance? And what information do I need to provide a claim?

  • What is the cost?

  • How do I book my first session?​

Individual Counselling

Individual Counselling

Talk to someone at Nuway Counselling today! Individual Counselling helps clients to elicit their inner resources so that they can reach more desired outcomes.

You can talk to someone at Nuway Counselling today and take your first step into counselling. Individual Counselling aims to help clients discover their own resources and helps them find ways to reach their own desired outcomes.


What to expect?

Individual Counselling sessions allow you the opportunity to talk one-to-one with an experienced counsellor. The safety of confidentiality and the support of being listened to fully lets you discuss anything you want, whatever issues you bring to the session is up to you, even being unsure is absolutely valid.

Why go for individual counselling?

People choose Individual counselling for a variety of reasons. These can include personal issues that they feel they cannot discuss with those they usually talk to, e.g family, friends, and co-workers.


Perhaps it is because the difficulties lie with these people. Perhaps there is no one else close by to discuss issues with, having an actively engaged person to talk to is at the core of counselling.


Whatever the reason, individual counselling creates a space for you to explore, decide upon and make goals about what you want from counselling in line with your personal situation.


At Nuway Counselling we are passionate about providing a client-focused service, one which allows you to build the knowledge, confidence and also practical skills you want to deal with your situation.


Anxiety, depression and many other negative emotions can be manageable and with the right supporting skills even converted to motivating experiences, ones which you can learn to harness and control.


If counselling is training your mind muscles to manage your emotional well-being, counsellors in individual sessions are your personal trainers. Counsellors should facilitate and recommend options that are of interest to you. They help you get motivated and stay motivated to make active changes in your life that lead to improvement in your mental wellness. 


Making a lifestyle change is hard work. Being ready to change is the key. Once you are ready to change, we can help! When you continue to practise and use the skills you learn with us in your counselling sessions, you can achieve any goal you set for yourself confidently and efficiently.

Infertility/fertility counselling

Fertility counselling provides tools and advice for intended parents to learn to cope with anxiety, stress, grief, and depressed feelings due to unsuccessful fertility treatments. Counselling also helps you to manage your IVF cycle and nurture your relationship with your partner and family. 


For intended surrogates and parents, fertility counsellors can provide clinical counselling reports for required applications or procedures. 


Subjects for counselling can include the following, but don’t worry if your issue is not on the list. If there is another topic you would like to discuss with us please get in touch.



  • social anxiety, how to meet someone

  • dating after divorce

  • self-discovery, low self-esteem

  • dating after infidelity


Coping with Relationship issues

  • self-identity

  • relaxation

  • anxiety for the future

  • finding inner strength

  • meanings and learning, lessons from  experience

  • grieving the end of a relationship

  • getting an old relationship working again

  • self-care

  • depression

  • stress management


Personal Growth

  • childhood trauma

  • breaking bad habits developed from relationships with parents

  • get in touch with the inner child

  • develop leadership skills

  • assertive communication training

  • stress management

  • anger management


Other topics could include working towards a goal of getting a promotion, being confident to make good relationships with those around you, making friends in a new place or adapting to a new environment.



Anyone who is actively suicidal or in imminent danger should please call 911 or go to the nearest hospital and ask for help with a Mental Health Emergency

Other resources for suicidal individuals:


1-800-SUICIDE crisis line 1-800-784-2433


Chimo Crisis Line – (604-279-7070)


Fraser Health Crisis Line (604-951-8855 or1-877-820-744)


S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Chinese Help Line (Cantonese 604-270-8233 or Mandarin 604-270-8222)


When not in crisis you may seek help from a General Practitioner (a G.P. is either your family doctor or a physician at a walk-in clinic) and discuss a referral to a psychiatric specialist for assessment and diagnosis. If you can, talk to a friend or a loving family member.


Follow the S.L.E.P.T. model for self-care

Couple counselling

Couple Counselling

Talk to someone at Nuway Counselling today! Couples and Family Counselling helps clients to identify current and potential pitfalls in order to maintain a fulfilling relationship with each other. A therapist will work with two people simultaneously in a session with the goal to improve the two person's relationship with each other. Besides couples, the two persons can be siblings, parent-child or co-workers and other relationships.

A couple’s counselling involves working with both partners together to improve the quality of their relationship. Sessions could involve learning to set boundaries, learning to express yourself assertively or perhaps exploring how your childhood experience influences your current relationships, something we call the attachment perspective.


Traditionally, couples have only come to counselling when they are in conflict or experience difficulties communicating with each other but nowadays, as people recognize the importance of building a healthy relationship, partners can use couple’s counselling even when they start dating.


This can help stop any possible conflicts before they arise. By taking time to really look at a relationship, any unconscious behaviours can be discovered and discussed before they cause harm.


Counselling has been given as a gift for anniversary presents to help develop deeper and closer relationships, likewise, pre-marital counselling could be used to prevent future challenges.



Couples counselling

Here at Nuway Counselling, we understand that couples might seek counselling in times of crisis and that counselling can be a relationship-saving resource.

As with all of our counselling approaches, we believe that no matter how you have come to counselling, the fact that you are desiring to make a change is good and we would be happy to be involved.


It could be that you want to boost what is at the moment a very content relationship and see what new ways you can develop your relationship. In either case, couples counselling involves both people working together in the session.


We will discuss the family systems perspective, which is the idea that when we talk about our individual behaviours, thoughts or emotions, these are actually inseparably linked to those around us.


We can discuss trust, communication or conflict issues and look at strategies for seeing problems clearly and calmly and then ways we can overcome said problems.


For those hard times, we offer conflict resolution and when things are getting better we will look at strengthening existing bonds.

Infertility/fertility counselling

Fertility counselling provides tools and advice for intended parents to learn to cope with anxiety, stress, grief, and depressed feelings due to unsuccessful fertility treatments. Counselling also helps you to manage your IVF cycle and nurture your relationship with your partner and family. 


For intended surrogates and parents, fertility counsellors can provide clinical counselling reports for required applications or procedures. 

New parenthood Counselling

Becoming a new parent presents many different challenges, emotions and demands that you may never have come across before. This coupled with the physical demands of mood swings or a previous mental health issue can be quite stressful.


We can look at ways of understanding your emotions in this new part of your life and how to maintain good mental health.


For those not yet parents or maybe struggling with infertility issues, we can discuss how you cope and react to your situation and how best to move forward in difficult situations.


Pre-marital Counselling

For pre-marital counselling, we run a set course of 8 sessions. Over these sessions, common topics include:

  • communication styles

  • financial considerations

  • children and parenting

  • faith and values

  • family traditions

  • friendships and leisure time

  • dealing with past relationships

In 8 sessions, topics of finance, parenting values, life values, communication and conflict resolution, and readiness of commitment will be discussed. Free resources and videos are accessible through our website to engage couples for a long lasting relationship. This package also includes, for free, one of the following services:

  • genetic counselling

  • family financial planning and literacy education

  • family lawyer legal advice.


New relationships can be very exciting and dynamic and so when working in this setting we can be very interactive, innovative, and creative with how we explore these ideas. We understand that everyone is different and comes with their own philosophy and we can also provide faith-based pre-marital counselling upon request.

Group counselling

Family or Group Counselling

Talk to someone at Nuway Counselling today! Group counselling can help people learn from each other in regard to a specific topic. Group sessions offered at Nuway Counselling are tailored to meet your specific needs.

At Nuway Counselling, group counselling is available for topics such as marital issues, workplace relationships or even stress reduction. If you have any issues you would like to focus on let us know and we can develop sessions with that in mind.

In family counselling, we can work in groups of 3-5 people. Like couples counselling, we will use a family system perspective but we will also discuss the more varied roles that are present in a family.


Learning how you fit into a family and how to work effectively as part of a group can build and strengthen relationships. We can also help to look at some of the issues that parents face when bringing up children.


In group therapy the aim is for a group of people, with a common issue, to bring about change towards the same or similar goals.


The benefit of being in a group is that participants can learn from the varied experience of other participants in the group.


Guided by the counsellor who is there to highlight any similarities or helpful behaviours in the group that may benefit others, the group can build up a toolkit of behaviours to work towards their specified goal.


Groups give both support and encouragement but also accountability, something that can keep people focused on achieving their goals.


As with all of our counselling, we work with the same non-judgemental and confidential ethos in group counselling.


Below are some common group counselling topics:

  • Communication and conflict resolution

  • Pre-marital counselling group

  • CBT for stress management

  • CBT for anxiety

  • CBT for depression

  • CBT for depression relapse prevention

  • Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy

Services Provided by Student Therapists

Orange Plan

Orange Plan

Orange plan for unlimited counselling sessions

A subscription plan that we offer for a limited time that allows you to book unlimited in-person/phone/online sessions with our master-level student therapists for a minimum of one session per week for $60/month with tax included. The plan needs to be subscribed to from the beginning of the student practicum term to the end of the term, for a total of 8 months. The subscription is cancellable anytime after 8 months of subscription. The practicum terms typically start in January, May, and September. Subscribe now to speak with a student therapist whenever you want to. 

Senior Link

Counselling for seniors struggling with anxiety, depression, lonliness

"Senior Link" is designed for seniors who have difficulties in moving around, and it allows seniors to book unlimited weekly phone call sessions with our Master's student therapists to speak about their personal mental problems. The plan costs $60/ month with tax included and you can cancel anytime after six months of subscription. Seniors Link also provides a $10 reusable coupon for other counselling service sessions. If you or your loved ones are suffering from mental health illnesses, it is time to search for help. Subscribe today to speak with a student therapist about your concerns!

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