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Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety, depression, and stress counselling

Anxiety is an excessive feeling of intense fear and worries about daily situations. These feelings can negatively influence the ability to perform daily tasks, such as sleep, work, school, driving, or making friends, and they are difficult to control. 


Depression is a mood disorder. People who are depressed usually have a persistent feeling of sadness or emptiness, hopelessness, worthless or guilt. They lose interest in hobbies and may want to inflict self-harm. 


Counselling offers a space to explore whether our perceptions are accurate and even if they are, how we might be able to manage them by changing our attitudes and/or altering behaviours to reach a balanced state of our situation(s).


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), is a common treatment for anxiety and depression and has been shown to be extremely effective. It challenges our automatic thinking and makes us aware of other options available to us and how we can use the resources we already have to live more in line with the way we want. Furthermore, counsellors at Nuway Counselling specialize in using CBT therapy not only to help people relieve the symptoms of anxiety and depression but also to get deeper to challenge how these inner thoughts (core beliefs) were produced from significant experiences. See a counsellor at Nuway today to help manage your anxiety and depression. 

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