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Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy

What is Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy?

Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) is an evidence-based therapy that combines mindfulness techniques and cognitive behavioural techniques. It aims to help individuals to get a better understanding of their thoughts and feelings in order to relieve their symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress and mood disorders. MBCT helps individuals to see their sense of being separating from their thoughts and mood, which allows them to become free from habitual negative thinking patterns. This also helps individuals to learn how to manage their emotions in an effective way. 

How does MBCT work?

Techniques used in MBCT:

  • Meditation: The counsellor will help you to practice self-directed meditation in order to raise your awareness of your body and thoughts.

  • Body scan exercise: The counsellor guides you to lie down and pay attention to every area of your body from the toes to the top of the head.

  • Mindfulness practices: The counsellor will give your practices to improve your skill of mindfulness, which is responding to an event based on your mind and body without using a judgmental manner.

  • Mindfulness stretching: You will be guided to stretch mindfully by paying more attention to your body and mind.

  • Yoga: The counsellor will also use yoga to help you to stretch mindfully.

  • Three-minute breathing space

How long is the therapy?

The therapy usually takes a 2 hours course weekly that lasts 8 weeks, and one day class after the 5th week. 45 minutes are needed for completing the homework and practices six days a week. The MCBT requires a lot of practice and needs time to learn how to apply skills and techniques learned from the courses. Try not to be discouraged by the long-time practice since it is highly effective in helping you from anxiety, depression and stress. See a counsellor today if you are seeking help for mood disorders. 


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