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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

What is CBT?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a type of talk therapy that helps people see a clear view of stressful life situations and learn how to manage them by raising clients' awareness of their negative or inaccurate thinking. CBT is a helpful tool that helps people manage anxiety, depression, stress, emotions, hurtful feelings, PTSD, sleep disorders, substance use disorders, and eating disorders. CBT can be used alone or in combination with other therapies. It is also important to see if CBT is a suitable therapy for different people. Counsellors at Nuway are well trained to use this therapy or in combination with other therapies to help clients to overcome mental illnesses. 

What you can expect?

Steps of CBT:

  • At your first session, the counsellor will help you to identify troubling situations in your life by gathering information about your past and current mental health. The counsellor will also ask you what concerns you want to work on. The counsellor will evaluate whether this is the right therapy for you. 

  • If CBT is the right therapy for you, the counsellor will then help you to become aware of your own thoughts, emotions, and beliefs toward those situations by asking about your thoughts, interpretations, and what those events mean to you. This is the time for you to talk about your experience.

  • Later on, the counsellor will help you to recognize which of your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and behaviours are inaccurate or negative for the situation. Those thoughts and behaviours need to be paid attention to in the future in different situations. 

  • Finally, the counsellor will help you to correct your inaccurate thoughts, beliefs and behaviours. You will be asked if your beliefs and thoughts are built from actual facts or from wrong perceptions of situations. This process requires a lot of practice and thinking. You need to do some homework and exercises to apply and strengthen what you have learned from the counsellor.  

How long is the therapy?

The length of CBT ranges from 5 to 20 sessions, depending on the type of situation, the severity of your symptoms, how quickly you make the process, and how much support you receive from your family and friends. Every person requires a different length of CBT. You can discuss this with the counsellor about how many sessions you need to cure the problem. See a counsellor today to use CBT to help you out for your situation. 

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