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Dating & Relationships

Dating and relationship counselling

Starting a relationship is fun and exciting, but maintaining that relationship can become challenging and difficult. Problems can come up if you do not get what you want from your partner. Couples and families find it hard to rebuild trust and repair the relationship after engaging in a big fight or dealing with infidelity issues. Sometimes communication breaks down between couples when there is a lack of trust and loyalty.


If you do not know what love means to you and what kind of partner fits you best, or you want to search for help in repairing a relationship, relationship counselling can help you to explore your needs and help maintain a healthy relationship.


Counsellors at Nuway are well trained to help couples and families to resolve their relationship conflicts and overcome hurtful feelings. They can also help individuals to explore their true needs and wants from their partners before committing to a long-term relationship; which avoids potential problems in the future. Communication tools are provided to bridge the gaps for mixed-culture couples and families. Counselling helps couples to regain trust and overcome marital conflicts. 

If you need to see a counsellor for dating and relationship counselling, start your therapy today.


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