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Improve the Mental Health of Seniors Today!

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Hi~ We are BC Registered Counsellors working at a counselling service clinic called "Nuway Counselling" that is located in your neighborhood. Nice to meet you!

We are hoping to get in touch with the seniors who need to have someone to talk about their personal problems that affect their mental health negatively, so we can provide professional advices that can effectively improve their mental health based on their personal situations.

We are offering a plan called "Senior Link" that is designed for seniors who have difficulties in moving around, and it allows seniors to book unlimited weekly phone call sessions with our Master's student therapists to speak about their personal mental problems. The plan costs $60/ month with tax included and you can cancel anytime after six months of subscription. Seniors Link also provides a $10 reusable coupon for other counselling service sessions.


In addition, there is also another new plan called "Orange Plan" that we have for a limited time, which you can book unlimited in person/phone/online sessions with our student therapists for minimum one session per week for $60/month with tax included. This plan allows seniors who prefer to talk in person with our student therapists, and allows them to solve problems in a more comfortable way. For seniors who need couple counselling sessions, 1:2 Orange Plan is a good option for them which allows them to book unlimited in person/phone/online couple's sessions.

If you would like to know more about our clinic and the services we provide please see here.

And if you are interested in the plans and have questions for us, feel free to contact us by 604-448-2416/604-638-3113 or directly book online for seniors who have urgent needs.

We truly hope that seniors who are having mental issues can get help.

Nuway Counselling

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