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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) program

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Nuway Counselling's Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) program

Individual sessions:

12 weekly individual sessions to introduce basic CBT theories and techniques. It is designed to provide an individualized treatment for those who experienced anxiety, depression and other emotional disturbance that affected your everyday life. Each session is pre-programed with specific topics to help clients slowly building up awareness and strategies to overcome their emotional difficulties. Successful participants can choose to sign up for CBT advance program for an additional 12 weekly 1:1 sessions.


Program Overview:

Session 1: CBT overview, understand your Family of Origin

Session 2: thought records, interpreting my thought records

Session 3: Understanding Assumptions

Session 4: Understanding Core Believes

Session 5: Identifying your personal triggers and where they come from

Session 6: Noticing your body and sensations

Session 7: Fear Ladder and visualization techniques

Session 8: Identifying unhelpful thinking styles

Session 9: Tackling the unhelpful thinking styles

Session 10:Behavioural Experiment

Session 11: Behavioural Activation

Session 12: Take actions for emotional management: S.L.E.P.T.


Group sessions:

8 weekly group sessions (16 session hours) to use CBT basic skills to manage emotional disturbance. With collective wisdom, participants can build on each other's experiences and learnings to strengthen their daily emotional regulation skills. Learning and sharing life difficulties and success stories to acknowledge that we are not alone. Together, we can build a stronger base to overcome challenges like anxiety, depression, anger or fear.

Program Overview:

Session 1: Introduction to CBT

Session 2: Identify Triggers and how believes are formed

Session 3: Cognitive strategies for emotional regulation 1 (thought records)

Session 4: Cognitive strategies for emotional regulation 2

Session 5: Identifying unhelpful thinking styles

Session 6: Tackling the unhelpful thinking styles

Session 7: Behavioural interventions 1

Session 8: Behavioural interventions 2

What are the benefits of the CBT Program?

  1. Enhanced emotional regulation: CBT teaches participants effective emotion management techniques, empowering them to better handle stress and emotional fluctuations.

  2. Increased self-awareness and confidence: By understanding their thought patterns and behavioral responses, participants can develop healthier self-images and increased confidence.

  3. Improved interpersonal relationships: CBT helps participants learn effective communication and conflict resolution skills, thereby enhancing relationships with others.

  4. Long-term benefits: The skills and strategies provided by CBT can be applied beyond the duration of therapy, aiding in preventing relapses of emotional distress.

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