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Direct Billing Services

ICBC program 

You have 12 pre-approved counselling sessions to help you recover for the first 12 weeks after your crash. You don’t need a referral from a doctor or any approval from ICBC, but you will need your ICBC claim number.


FNHA program

Total 48 sessions. Please contact us for more information.


WCB PTSD program 

4-8 weeks program with possible extension


Autism Funding (AFU)

Please contact us for more funding information


CVAP Program 

All claimants (victims, immediate family members, and witnesses) who qualify for benefits through CVAP may be eligible for this benefit. 48 counselling hours for victims, 36 counselling hours for immediate family members, and 12 counselling hours for witnesses


Other Insurance Coverage

Some insurance policies allow direct billing by Registered Clinical Counsellors or Registered Social Workers. Contact us for more coverage information.

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