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Boost up your spirits in the summer!

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Summer is such a special time for many people. Those who work so hard for a long time are finally able to take a break! While most people are having a mental health boost, others can still be affected negatively by it. Here are some common factors that might affect people's mental health in the summer:

1. Heat wave

Heat wave causes difficulty in sleeping, rashes, itchiness and other physical symptoms. Those symptoms can lead to irritability , short temper or difficulty in concentrating. Many states and provinces reported heat related death, which can cause grief and loss among family members for their loved ones; or it may stir up fear among those who were co-workers or in similar age (e.g., outdoor workers and seniors).

We recommend being accessible to a water bottle is a must. Drinking water prevents us from dehydration and reduce the chances of getting a heat stroke. Wearing appropriate skin protectors is another key to reduce getting hurt by the sun. Whether you are wearing a hat, a special white colored long sleeve shirt or the sunscreen with SPF 60+, the choices are yours. Stay indoors if you don't think you are handling the heat very well. For those who wear make-up, using the foundation and BB cream that has SPF 30+ is generally sufficient. Whether you bring an electric fan or a manual fan, the point is to fan away the heat!

2. Vacation Planning

When going on vacation, the process of planning the trip and spending needs detailed thinking. It can easily causes stress, argument and anxiety, especially when others are involved. During the trip, troubles or accidents might come up to mess up your plan. Couples could end up in distress and anxiety if the conflict were handled properly.

We recommend using one stop shop booking apps that helps you book everything all at once. From flight, to hotel, to daily activities, many good apps enables you to book everything together without hassles. From those apps, you can read the reviews that other people have participated in the same activity. You might find hidden gems with only the locals would know. Planning for your transportation in a place you are visiting is the key during your trip, which can avoid a lot of confusions and stress. Be sure to purchase a travel insurance to cover unnecessary and unexpected expenses such as medical costs or lost of luggage. Check with your extended health insurance provider, you may find some of them actually already covers part of the cost.

3. Disturbance of routine

During the summer break, youth and children do not have the routine they usually have during the school months. Children and youth like to go outside and play during summer, but the lack of structure and supervision comes with risk. It is important to educate the children and provide them with the knowledge they need to stay safe. The knowledge includes not exposing to the sunlight for a long time, staying hydrated, staying outside with friends, and putting on sunscreen every 2 hours. However, communications with children and young adults are not always easy. Parents' inappropriate use of tone causes harm to children. Our child and youth counsellor Ms. Lorraine Ng (R.C.C.) and Ms. Clover Zeng (R.C.C.) and the student therapists Karmeena and Andrea are great source of help. You can ask questions from parenting 101 to identify your own triggers while parenting the kid. Remove some of your family of origin's blockage, so you can have a smooth sail parenting your school aged child(ren). Subscribe to our newsletter for the upcoming topic: Back to school: how to enforce routine again after summer break?

Not only children and youth, but also adults can be affected by the change of routine. Research studies shown numerus benefits to mental health when we adapt to a daily routine. In one 2.5 year study, researcher compared interpersonal and social rhythm therapy with

4. Bugs

Mosquitoes, flies, and ticks appear more frequently during summer and making people feel uncomfortable. People could become discouraged from going outside, such as hiking and camping, or even dining outdoors. When people are forced to stay at home too often, family conflicts happen more frequently.

Family counsellors (Mr. Marco Ma and Ms. Zinat Sajadi) at Nuway works with individuals or the family as a whole. We listen to each person's perspective and improve the communication among family members. Misunderstanding can be understood; and hurt can be mend. If you allow yourself to trust the process, family relationship can be flourishing before your eyes.

While being aware of the problems, it is time to create strategies and be prepared to avoid these problems. If you have difficulties in parenting, managing anxiety, stress, planning and other mental illnesses, counsellors at Nuway are here to provide professional advice to you.

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