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Karmeena Binning

Student Therapist - Master Level Practicum Student

Karmeena has completed all the course work at Yorkville University in Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology. She joined Nuway Counselling to complete the last requirement: direct client contact hours. 


Her areas of interest within the field include the use of CBT for individuals with post-traumatic stress disorder; specifically she would like to work with first responders. However, she is always looking to expand her knowledge and deepen her skill set in working with all individuals. 


What does Karm say about herself?

Based on previous life and professional experience I bring characteristics such as empathy and understanding. I was heavily involved in team activities and sports, equestrianism became a significant role in influencing my drive to want to become a counsellor. Coaching young children in horseback riding is where my development of such characteristics came to be, given the diverse group of riders I have the opportunity to mentor. I learned to adapt and change the way I worked with each individual. 


I am fluent in English and proficient in Punjabi, although I am not fluent in the language I am able to carry on a conversation. Additionally, I am culturally aware of traditions, norms and the social context of the Punjabi population within Canada. 


Living in BC has influenced my interest in various outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking and snowboarding. Over my years I have travelled to several countries. Haiti, Saint Martin and Venice were particular favorites, the cuisine in these places have left a lasting memory that inspires me to travel to other cities and countries. 

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