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Orange Plan/Senior Link Policy

Terms and Conditions 



The orange plan/senior link is a monthly subscription for clients to access our master-level student therapists for unlimited sessions during their practicum term. With the benefit of booking as many sessions as needed subject to the therapists' availability, we require the subscription to start and end with the chosen practicum student's term. As a result, a subscription begins on the date a client starts with a student therapist for a maximum of 8 months or the remaining of the therapist's practicum term. There is no early cancellation of this plan. All subscribers will subscribe until the end of the chosen therapist's practicum term. Users can select the frequency of seeing the therapist or based on the therapist's recommendation. Those who are not sure if they want to commit to the term, they can choose to pay the regular rate for our standard sessions without any term commitments.


The fee for the 1:1 Orange Plan/Senior Link at $80/month, the 1:2 Orange Plan at $90/month or the Family Orange Plan at $150/month will be charged by calendar month for a credit card or post-dated pay cheque payment. For e-transfer or cash payments, an all-at-once payment will be charged when the subscription starts.


Regular Rate

A student therapist's regular rates for standard 50 minutes sessions are: $75 for 1:1 sessions, $87.5 for 1:2 sessions and $95 for family sessions (3-5 people). Fees will be charged session by session. No commitment is necessary.


Cancellation Policy

Our clinic requires a 24 business hours cancellation/rescheduling policy for all our clients. The fee for the orange plan/senior link does not cover the late cancellation fee. Should there be a time that your session is cancelled, no show or rescheduled 24 hours within the session start time, we charge the client for one standard session's regular rate. This is applicable to all subscription plan users and regular clients. You can avoid the cancellation fee by providing more than 24 business hours (e.g., on a Friday for a Monday appointment) to avoid the late cancellation/rescheduling fee.

Changing a therapist in the middle of the subscription. If you would like to change therapist, you have the following options:

  • Continue to work with the current therapist for the current month and switch to the new therapist who offers Orange Plan/Senior Link starting from the next following month

  • Pay at a regular rate for the number of sessions that happened before the date of change of therapist for the month then switch to see the new therapist right away

  • Switch to seeing another Registered Clinical Counsellor or Social Worker at the clinic at a regular price or using extended health insurance

What to expect after the subscription ends. When your subscription plan ends, you have the following options:

  • Continue to subscribe to the orange plan/senior link and work with another student therapist.

  • Continue to work with the same student therapist but pay the regular rate (therapist in training rate or registered therapists' rate depends on their registration status)

  • Choose another registered therapist to work with on our team.

  • Terminate therapy and be discharged.

Please contact us if you have further questions or click here to subscribe to the Orange Plan/Senior Link.

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