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Olive Zhu

Canadian Certified Genetic Counsellor

Since 2017, Olive has provided genetic counselling to multiple families and intended parenting to ease some of their concerns or anxieties in their journey of creating a family. She holds a Master's degree and has become a Canadian-certified genetic counsellor since 2017. She works in the field of preconception and assisted reproductive technology and is very much interested in prenatal genetic counselling.


Many years ago, she completed her master's dissertation on women's experience of cell-free DNA prenatal screening in the UK. Over the past 4 years, she works at reproductive medicine clinics internationally in both United States and Canada. Given her Chinese heritage, she has had the opportunity to work in Shanghai for a year and has taken an interest in the genetic counselling landscape in Asia. I'm always happy to meet and learn more about this rapidly growing and internationalizing field! She joined Nuway Counselling in 2021 to contribute her specialized genetic counselling experience for our clients who are thinking of starting a family with a baby. 

Her service can be booked individually or be included in one of our couple's counselling packages, such as relationship counselling, pre-marital counselling, and bereavement counselling in reproductive mental health. 

Book online for her session individually or call to find out more about how her service can be beneficial to you and your partner. 


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