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Confidentiality Policy  

All contents shared during the therapy sessions are considered to be confidential. Both verbal information and written records about a client will not be shared with another party unless written consent is provided by the client or the client’s legal guardian. The case of the client will be brought up between the health care professional and his/her supervisor for the purpose of supervision, but the name of the client will be kept confidential. However, there are exceptions where confidentiality will be breached, which are as follows: 

Harm to Self or Others 

When a client discloses intentions or a plan to harm another person, the mental health professional is required to warn the intended victim and report this information to legal authorities. In cases in which the client discloses or implies a plan for suicide, the healthcare professional is required to notify legal authorities and make reasonable attempts to inform the family of the client. 


Abuse of Children and Vulnerable Adults 

If a client states or suggests that he or she is abusing a child (or vulnerable adult) or has recently abused a child (or vulnerable adult), or a child (or vulnerable adult) is in danger of abuse, the mental health professional is required to report this information to the appropriate social service and/or legal authorities. 


Subpoena and Legal Orders

If in any case a legal order is involved, the counsellor is legally bounded by law to provide the information that is requested by court or subpoena. The information shared includes but is not limited to progress notes, video/audio records, and copies of medical records, assessments and test results.  

Access to Records

A record will be kept of the counselling services provided to the client. This record will be kept confidential and will not be released to others without the client's consent unless there is harm to self or others, child abuse or vulnerable adults or required by law. Clients may look at their records at any time and may request a copy of it by paying the appropriate fee.

If applicable, the Client can give consent to Nuway Counselling to confirm their appointment dates and types with their insurance providers for insurance reimbursement verification purposes.

Please contact us if you have further questions.

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