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Anger Management

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Do you have a short fuse?  Do your colleagues tell you to chill out?  Is your partner avoiding you for fear of an argument? Can’t stop thinking about a problem?


Do you think you might have issues with managing anger but are not sure?


It might be time for an emotion management tune up.


Using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) your counsellor will explore the psychological and physiological effects of anger on your mind and body.  These include becoming aggressive, punching walls, becoming argumentative, pacing around a room, feeling sick to your stomach, feeling hot, headaches and sweating.  Understanding how anger can influence your behaviour is the first step. The second step is understanding the triggers and your reaction. Your counsellor can support you to catch your anger quickly, uncover its roots (are you lonely, disappointed or overwhelmed?), learn anger management techniques and understand common misconceptions and provide additional resources.


By Natasha Etherington. She is a Masters Student Therapist at Nuway Counselling.

Suggested Counsellor: 

Natasha Etherington HeadShot_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Natasha Etherington

Masters Student Therapist


Patsy Wong

Registered Clinical Counsellor


Bessie Wang

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Profile picture_edited_edited.jpg

May Lai

Registered Clinical Counsellor

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