Counselling services are not the only resource that Nuway Counselling provides to its members. We wish our members to grow with us by using all the resources we have.

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Resource List

These resources are mainly for people who want to get a better understanding of their feelings and emotions, then get accurate self-help for their unique situations.

  • Depression screening test

  • Anxiety disorders screening test

  • Mental well-being screening test

  • Body image screening test

  • Risky drinking screening test

  • Cannabis use screening test

      Screening Self-Tests | Here to Help

  • Introduction to different mental health topics

  • Tips and strategies to try at home

      I am here to support myself | Here to Help

Young Adults and Children

  • Online tools, apps, and books for tips and strategies

  • Tips for family and caregivers about communicating with children

      Resource Library | Kelty Mental Health

BC 2-1-1

  • Free online services for problems including addiction, health care, legal and advocacy, food, homelessness, financial assistance, education, employment, Indigenous people, disabilties, housing, victim services, youth, seniors, and LGBT2SQ+. 

  • BC 2-1-1

  • Helpline  2-1-1  available 24/7 

Online Self-help

  • Kelty's Key is an online therapy source where you can find advice for multiple mental health illnesses.

  • Self Help | Keltys Key