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Jun 1, 2024 - Sep 30, 2024

Parenting Program 教得其乐:得心应手建立良好的亲子关系

  • 122Days
  • 20Steps


Have you ever felt like you've done everything you could but your child is still misbehaving? Are you struggling to motivate your child to follow a path that can get him/her success? Do you feel like you are losing your child and feeling sad about your current parent-child relationships? Don't worry! We've got you covered. In this workshop, you will learn about parenting skills that works to manage your child(ren)'s misbehaviours, motivate them to live a healthier lifestyle and take home practical tips on how to repair the parent-child bond. 您覺得自己已經竭盡全力,用盡了所有的辦法仍然無法讓孩子乖乖聽話?您是否覺得孩子正在把時間浪費在無用的地方?您是否覺得自己跟孩子的心越走越遠,正在為這樣疏離的關係而傷心?別等了,這個講座就是為您而設的!您會學習運用有效的親子教育方法來管理孩子的不良行為。通過學習,您將會知道如何幫助孩子回歸正途,走往成功之路。您將會獲得實用的技巧來修補您與孩子日漸疏離的關係。 課程共38個課時: 8周 - 每週1.5小時 建立安全圈 (12個課時) 2天 - 每天6小時 情緒教練,掌握情緒管理 ( 12個課時) 7周 - 每週兩小時 正向管教 (14個課時) 頭20名報名的家長特別附送:兩次30分鐘的1對1咨詢。

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