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Happy Mother's Day

Raising a child is not an easy task. Babies are the most adorable beings to their parents. However, children start to have their own thoughts and personalities as they grow up, which can cause problems in communication between them and their parents. If parents cannot find the right way to educate and get along with their children, relationship problems can deteriorate in the long term. A break-down in communication can be very negative for both parents and children's mental health. 


Family counselling can offer a space to explore an effective way to communicate with the child based on the child's preferences, personality and family environment in a balanced way. Our counsellor will first talk to the parents and then the child and create a comprehensive plan for the parent to learn how to cope with the child's peer pressure, relationships with others, and personality. This approach will help the parent(s) to learn how to communicate and educate their children effectively. 

If you need to see a counsellor for family counselling and parenting tips, start the therapy today.


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