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Pre-Martial Counselling Program

Dating and relationship counselling

What is Pre-Marital Counselling?

Generally, premarital counseling aims to help individuals learn more about each other to determine if they are a good fit for marriage. For those committed to being together, premarital counseling assists in understanding each other's trigger points and in avoiding pitfalls in the relationship.

The premarital counseling offered at Nuway Counseling focuses on the psychological aspects of each partner's needs after marriage. We aim to understand each other's deep emotional needs and triggers to reduce future conflicts and pitfalls. A faith-based program is available, but a large part of our program incorporates evidence-based research on human behavior and psychology.

As a result, by the end of the program, participants will walk away with practical strategies and a step-by-step individualized guide to building a strong family together. Blindly having faith without knowing how to improve the relationship can lead to long-term suffering.

The premarital counseling program at Nuway Counseling strives to leave participants with confidence and tools to work on emotional regulation, conflict management, soothing techniques, and more, ensuring the relationship grows healthily over time. It's like setting the right tone for your expectations for each other to avoid future disappointments and breakdowns in the relationship.

What are the benefits of Pre-marital Counselling?


  1. Deepen the understandings and expectations of each other

  2. Synchronize meanings values and life goals together

  3. Build a solid foundation for the long lasting relationship

  4. Identify potential pitfalls that could break us apart

  5. Develop effective communication skills

  6. Improve conflicts resolution and emotion management skills

8 Topics Covered

  1. Family of Origin - the why

  2. Roles and Responsibilities

  3. Managing Expectations

  4. Parenting and values

  5. Communication and Conflict management

  6. Finance and Family budgeting

  7. Sexuality and intimacy

  8. Family planning

  9. Bonus 1 hour session with one of three:

    1. Financial advisor,

    2. Genetic counsellor

    3. or Family lawyer


Secure your 'happily ever after' with the skills and insights our pre-martial counselling offers, setting the foundation for a lifetime of love and partnership.

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