Mia Guercio

Student Therapist - Master Level Practicum Student

I am currently a student at Yorkville University for Master's in Counselling Psychology. I have a bachelor's in arts majoring in a psychology degree. The areas of interest are depression, anxiety, trauma, personality disorders, and relationships. Besides my education, I bring forward many qualities; I am constantly reading books and actively engaging in ways to learn more and better my skills and understanding. I also truly believe that sometimes people just need someone to talk to, and I have great empathy, good listening skills and a positive outlook to bring to the table. I also am a very intuitive person who can cater to various concerns. I have worked in customer service roles, client care roles, and experience working in the medical field in my previous professional experience. I am Italian and have a couple's years of Italian under my belt, but due to the inability to be fluent will not be offering any services in Italian quite yet, although eventually, I hope to. 


I am originally from Calgary, AB, and moved here in August 2021. I rescued two cats from the animal shelter, and overall am a huge animal lover. I love movies, the outdoors, and am a big foodie and, since moving out here, have thoroughly enjoyed the many restaurants. I recently have learnt how to surf and enjoy tennis and skiing recreationally. I dream of travelling more but have put most of my time and efforts into schooling. My two most memorable trips are Cuba and Greece due to the history, gorgeous beaches, and culture. As a student member of the CCPA, I am always looking to take advantage of the training and resources offered. I am currently taking a side course that focuses on changing thoughts to change one's life!