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Trauma specialist who can help individual overcome childhood trauma, improve marital satisfaction, better intimacy with each other.

Marco Ma

B.C. Registered Clinical Counsellor #17221

Marco Ma is a registered clinical counsellor under BCACC. He is experienced in working with clients in various age ranges, ethnic/cultural identities, and religions. He specializes in working with clients who struggle with depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, and relational issues. He received training and supervisions on cognitive-behavioral therapy(CBT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing(EMDR), narrative therapy, Gottman Method, and mindfulness-based approaches in an integrative manner.

Marco is specialized in using EMDR therapy to treat anxiety, depression, panic attacks, complex trauma and structural dissociation. My EMDR therapy work incorporates techniques from somatic experiencing, ego state therapy and internal family system. To ensure my best practice with clients, Marco receives ongoing consultation from his EMDR approved trainer.


Marco is often known as a calm, composed, compassionate, and a client-centered therapist, who is able to hold the space for clients to process their emotions and walk through the journey. Despite the essentiality of techniques in therapy, Marco believes that Rogerian core conditions are paramount when it comes to engendering therapeutic change, namely congruence (genuineness), unconditional positive regard and accurate empathic understanding. Marco strives to ensure his clients will feel listened, accepted, respected, and cared for during therapy sessions.


Further, Marco also embraces the non-judgmental and non-oppressive approach when handling cross-cultural counselling situations. As an ethnic minority in Canada, Marco can readily empathize with clients who face challenges with feeling accepted and integrating into Canadian society.

Marco can speak fluent Mandarin, Cantonese, and English. It is hoped that language is not a barrier in therapy for clients, and Chinese-speaking clients can express themselves freely and feel more connected with the therapist.

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