Lorraine Ng

B.C. Registered Clinical Counsellor #17922

Lorraine Ng is a Registered Clinical Counsellor in BC. She has experience working with adults, young adults, immigrant families, international students, caregivers and parents


She works with clients experiencing depression, anxiety, stress, career transition, relationship difficulties, family issues, parenting issues and other life changes. Her practice is grounded in Adlerian Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness-based work, trauma-informed practice and a multicultural framework.


Lorraine is warm, compassionate, and insightful in her work. She strives to provide a safe environment for clients to deepen their understanding of themselves and rediscover their inner strengths. She also helps clients to develop practical healthy coping skills and tools to face their current struggles. She hopes that clients will become empowered and encouraged to create meaningful changes in their lives.


Lorraine speaks Cantonese, Mandarin and English.

In addition to counselling, she also holds various psychoeducational workshops to promote mental wellness to the community and international students.

Parenting and Children.

Lorraine has worked with many children and parents. She believes that the trust between child and parent is significant in maintaining a healthy relationship between them. Most children experience anxiety because they lack trust in their parents. Lorraine has experience in providing guidance for building trust and a secure attachment for children with their parents. Lorraine aims to help parents understand the unique emotional language of their child and respond to those emotional needs. She will help the parent contextualize the mental developmental stage of the child to help provide a better framework of understanding. Lorraine's end goal is to provide practical advice and skills for the parents and child.


What is Lorraine's intake procedure for parenting?

For children below 16, Lorraine will first book a session with the parent to collect the child's background information. Parents can ask questions about the counselling process, which helps them to understand how counselling helps improve the communication between the child and the parent. 

After talking with the parent, Lorraine will book sessions to talk with the child directly. At the beginning of every session, Lorraine will need to talk with the parent for 10 minutes to check in with the child's recent situations and provide advice accordingly. Tools such as games, art, painting, and board games are used to help the child to learn how to express their feelings and thoughts and build self-confidence. They also used these tools to learn their concerns, emotions, and feelings. 

For youth aged 17-19, working with parents is not necessarily. However, parents’ involvement is helpful and more effective in improving the relationship between them and their children. In the first session, Lorraine will talk to the clients to learn about their current situations and their concerns and discuss what can the counsellor do to help. 


For adults, Lorraine helps her clients to realize and build goals for counselling and discusses with them how to move forward. She will also explore with clients how their family of origin has affected them.


What are Lorraine’s approaches?

Lorraine uses mixed approaches designed for the clients based on their situations. She will help her clients better understand themselves by having a better connection with their origin families. During the process of counselling, Lorraine helps her clients to facilitate self-understanding, compassion and acceptance so that they feel encouraged to get where they want to be.